Bookmarked 9.16.16

If you have a friend who wears TOMS but also litters…

TIMS by Tripp and Tyler: A dead-on mockery of those one-for-one programs.


If you’re still on the fence about getting rid of your landline…

Mystery Science Theater 3000: 20th Century Calling: Do I really need to explain MST3K? This is one of their shorts which are generally a good way to introduce doubters to the snarkiest of shows.


If you’re like me and always meant to learn about classical music…

Mozart in the Jungle: This TV show is based on a book I’ll probably never get around to reading about a young oboist in the New York Symphony and the new conductor shaking up their program. Bernadette Peters and Gael Garcia Bernal provide most of the show’s charm, which manages to be intelligent but not pretentious. (Okay, sometimes it’s pretentious, but it’s also delightful and really hits its stride in season 2.)


If you had any kind of opinion on the Vogue issue that had Kimye on the cover…

The First Monday in May: Depending on your perspective this is either an insightful documentary raising questions about powerful women, contemporary Orientalism, and the definition of art as it relates to fashion… or a two-hour commercial for Vogue and the Met. Best when enjoyed with a glass of wine.


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