Bookmarked 9.9.16

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If you have a lot of really quiet time on your hands (or a long road trip)…

The Revolutions Podcast: A relaxing lecture-style podcast that discusses the history of (you guessed it) different revolutions, one war at a time. It begins with the English Civil War, but the third season on the French Revolution is the most interesting by far. (Just trust me on this. There’s really no cool way to describe it, but it’s worth checking out.)

Revolutions Podcast (You can also subscribe with the iPhone podcast app)

Because he’s now on Broadway…

John Mulaney- The Top Half: This is one of Mulaney’s earlier stand-up routines, but it makes me laugh every time. (Fun fact: he co-created the character Stefon with Bill Hader at Saturday Night Live.) You can find the entire set here or just his seven minute bit on Jerry Orbach’s eye donor romantic comedy here (which is the best part if you ask me).


If you want to feel fancy the next time you buy cheap bodega wine…

Somm & Somm: Into the Bottle: Both of these documentaries are on Neflix, and while you can watch them in either order, I’d recommend watching Somm first. It chronicles four men as they compete to become Master Sommeliers, and if you ever thought you knew wine, you don’t. The second discusses making, bottling, and selling wine. Who knew Chardonay goes so well with buttered popcorn?



If you’ve been meaning to watch that Nina Simone doc on Netflix…

Laura Mvula: I never really trust my taste in music when recommending stuff to non-Broadway musical geeks, but Mvula is objectively fantastic. I’ve heard her compared to Nina Simone several times, but I wouldn’t really know because I haven’t, you know, seen that documentary.



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