It was raining in London when we left. Which felt appropriate since it was raining when I arrived. In my frantic search for FedEx today, happened to go past the the office where Lionel Logue worked with Colin Firth…er, I mean King George VI as a speech therapist. Once everything was sorted, we took a quick cab ride to St. Pancras International. I got another stamp in my passport.

The train to Paris was so cool. I entertained everyone as I tried to hoist my suitcase into the overhead rack. Two older Frenchmen had to help me. Off to a great start. The train is interesting in that you’re going through London, and then suddenly everything goes dark, and you are realized you’re underground. More specifically, under the English Channel. Everyone slept until there was a slight jolt when we resurfaced in the French countryside. Once we were settled into out hotel, we had dinner (ironically) at a Cuban restaurant.

During our walking tour today, I bought a baguette for about a euro and walked around eating. Casual. Cuz that’s what people do here. I think I’m going to like Paris.

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