The Henge

I’m a sucker for an audio guide. I usually only listen to the first stop and then give up on it, but I usually like to have one so if I want to listen to it, I can. When we got to Stonehenge, our professor picked up our tickets and the lady told him to enjoy his day at “The Henge.” The Henge? Really? Like we’re trying to make this thing hip and cool? (The words “hip and cool” are still hip and cool, right?) Thankfully someone made the appropriate Mean Girls reference: “Stop trying to make ‘The Henge’ happen!” Don’t get me wrong, Stonehenge was really cool. But had we just gone straight there and straight back instead of stopping at the nearby town, it would have been a little underwhelming. We all agreed that Salisbury properly whelmed the day.

So back to Stonehenge. Basically it’s this really old circle of standing stones, and we have no idea why it’s there. There’s a “sacrifice stone” that they thought was used for religious ceremonies but apparently not. And that’s all I know because that’s when I gave up on the audio guide. It is way more funny to watch people photograph the site. My personal favorite was the couple that was trying to use a selfie stick to take a picture of them look at the stones. Which I guess would look cool, but they looked ridiculous trying to take it. And no, I did not offer to take it for them which would have been the polite thing to do.

The more responsible one of us kept listening to the audio guide, and apparently the shut down the Henge (I’m hip and cool) during the solstice so Druids or whatever can visit. I think that’s a lie, and actually all of the archeologists who work there just get together to drink. My big question was: who is cutting the grass around these things?

We went to Salisbury Cathedral after that which was incredible. I love Gothic cathedrals and was pretty proud when the tour guide confirmed all the visual analysis I’d done before we went in. They also have a copy of the Magna Carta. Again with that damn Magna Carta. Salisbury was incredible, but it was really just an appetizer for the ultimate art history major day: McQueen and Canterbury.

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