Cheers, London

I cannot believe that my time in London is over. I leave for Paris tomorrow to participate in an art history study abroad program for two weeks and then on to Italy after that. Tough work, but someone has to do it.

As l leave, I’m already making plans to come back again. Despite being here for 5 weeks, I think I’ve only seen a small bit of what this city and Britain are. So as little round-up of this leg of the trip, I’ve compiled a list of “favorites” and other statistics:

Pub: The World’s End

Side trip: Chatsworth for journey itself but Canterbury Cathedral for its own sake

Museum: The Victoria and Albert

Tube Stop: Westminster

Bookstore: Stanford’s

Books read: 3

Books bought: I’m embarrassed how many – I got a copy of Harry Potter in Latin at Oxford

Times getting lost: one major time

Missed trains: 0 but that was mostly luck

Favorite department store: Fortnum & Mason

Average daily walking distance: 10 miles

Pictures taken: about 1,000

West End shows: 3

Other highlights: seeing the royal family in parade

Last night we walked down the South Bank of the Thames to see the Houses of Parliament lit up at night. London looks her best at night, and this view was one I’d been waiting the whole trip for. It did not disappoint. London never does.

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