I Can’t See What You’re Laughing At

Today I saw my first play at the Globe. We (my Shakespeare class) left campus and arrived with enough time to peruse the gift shop. I love gift shops. I don’t know if it’s an art history thing (a lot of my art history friends like them too) or just good ol’ materialism, but I love them. They sell erasers with the Macbeth line “Out damned spot!” I think I rather have a Tide-To-Go with that on it if I’m being honest.

We saw As You Like It which is part of their season called “Justice and Mercy.” Since this play is basically a romantic comedy in iambic pentameter, I have no idea how it fits in this season’s theme. But whatever. It was funny anyway.

We got there too late (too much gift shop time) to stand with the groundlings so we sat over to the side of the stage. Along with several pillars blocking center stage. We could see most everything that happened in the play as the cast moved through the crowd, but they seemed to have the best (physical comedy) jokes at center stage. We just laughed too so no one would think we were just losers who couldn’t see what was happening. But we were just losers who couldn’t see what was happening.

Our view
Inside the Globe
Inside the Globe (You can only take pictures when no one is onstage apparently)
Walked to the Tube via the Millennium Bridge to see St. Paul’s. Fellow Harry Potter geeks: this is the bridge the Death Eaters tear up at the beginning of the sixth movie.
Saint Paul’s

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