7 Miles

I don’t know what to do in a London pub. There, I’ve said it. I order at the counter? Where is more seating? The kitchen opens in another 15 minutes? But I’m hungry now. We picked this pub because it was the closet to the British Museum. And we had just toured the British Museum because it was free and close by the university. We’re obviously making a lot of decisions based on convenience. Either way, once we were at the pub we sent in one brave soul to ask about dinner and seating while we hovered outside. She returned with a drink and some answers so we bought our first London pints.

Once it was clear this wasn’t the place to have dinner, some of us wandered down to what is most likely the British equivalent of an Olive Garden for what turned out to be really good pasta. All the museums were closed now, and we decided to window shop near Oxford Circus. But we wound up with much better plans.

I should mention that all of our days are confused due to a delightful combination of jet lag and general summer ignorance. We were constantly surprised at the crowds (especially at the pub) until reminding ourselves that it was Friday night. And where did we wind up? Piccadilly Circus. It’s been the first major postcard-y landmark we’ve seen. Finally telling us (like the red buses aren’t enough) “Yes, you’re in London!” After taking the appropriate tourist photos, we picked a random direction that took us to Trafalgar Square, also humming with activity on a Friday night. From there we realized it would almost be foolish not to walk down to Big Ben and Westminster Abbey (I mean, it’s right there.) 

Today, we went back to Westminster Abbey. (Apparently they prefer you tour during their normal business hours. Weird.) The architecture was fabulous and the crowds weren’t bad considering that we forgot we were going on Saturday morning. From there it was a lunch at Borough Market (goat panini with goats’  milk raspberry and chili ice cream for dessert– This was by coincidence. I don’t normally plan entire meals around specific animals.). Then we walked down the Thames to Tower Bridge and then back to the University for a nap.

According to the pedometer on my phone, we walked about 7 miles today. Just don’t ask me what that is in kilometers.

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