Lists are Kinda My Thing

Interests/Hobbies that you should probably know about before you read any more. Because the title of the blog would probably lead you to believe I’m pretty thrilling, right?

  1. Sarcasm
  2. Buying books and not reading them
  3. Museum-going
  4. Wearing the museum sticker on my sweater for the rest of the day so people know I’ve had a more culture day than they have (Seriously, I went to the Met in March, and I’m still transferring it t-shirt to t-shirt).
  5. Podcasts of the NPR variety
  6. Travel essays
  7. Forcing people to watch my favorite shows on Netflix (What do you mean you never watched “House of Cards”?)
  8. Florence + the Machine
  9. Using phrases like “I can’t go, I’ll be in Europe then.”
  10. Billy Collins
  11. The Oxford Comma

So yeah, I’m pretty wild. Like, sometimes I listen to several NPR podcasts in a row. 

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